Hello and Welcome...

And - WoW. So lovely that you wanted to know more about us... Thank you! 

So my love of interiors and home fragrances really started my journey to creating this homemade hypoallergenic fragrance business during lock down in 2020. We are based in Clarkston, which is in the southside of Glasgow in Scotland. 

I suffered from year round allergies (like hay fever) & having to take anti-histamines daily - I wondered if it was the candle & wax melts I used around my home... So nice! 

As I was shielding with my husband due to his medical condition, I thought I would study home fragrances. I loved it & then decided to create my own products.

I use only the most sustainable wax which is plant based and fragrance oils with no toxic/nasty chemicals to create my hypoallergenic products. 

And guess what? I don't take antihistamines tablets anymore!!! 

Also, I love how home fragrances are the finishing touch of setting the ambience of your home and creating the right mood.

You know how smell is the first thing you notice when you enter a room?
First impressions really do count...
Isn't it lovely when you walk in somewhere & you are met with a beautiful aroma.

So when I started & being at home more, I really noticed how fragrances helped my mood as much as it created that ambience and I wanted to share this by creating my own brand of affordable luxury.

At Mama's Casa we wanted to create that mood whilst also using products that are not only kinder to you and your home but also to the environment.  

I hope that you will love my products as much as I love making them for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.